Tentative Running Orders for Fall Trials

Here are the tentative running orders for the fall trials coming up.  They are subject to change, but most likely will stay as is.

WAG 10/7-9:

FRIDAY – Fast, Premier JWW, Exc. Standard, Exc. Jumpers, Premier Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard

SATURDAY – Fast, Exc. JWW, Exc. Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard, T2B

SUNDAY – Fast, Exc. JWW, Exc. Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard, T2B

BCKC 10/20-23:

Ring 1

Ex/Masters  FAST

(Premier   Std—Fri- Sat only)

Ex/Masters Std

Open Std

Novice Std

Ring 2

Open  FAST

Novice FAST

Novice JWW

Open JWW

Ex/Masters  JWW

(Premier JWW—Fri and Sat)


Collie Club 10/29-30:

Ring 1

Master/Excellent Fast

Master/Excellent Standard

Open Standard

Novice Standard

Ring 2

Novice Fast

Open Fast

Novice JWW

Open JWW

Master Excellent JWW


K9X 11/4-6:

Friday – Exc/MAS FAST Prem Std, Exc/Mas Std, T2B, Prem JWW, Exc/Mas JWW

Saturday – Nov/open/Exc FAST, Exc/Open/Nov Std, Exc/Open/Nov JWW

Sunday – Prem Std, Exc/Open/Nov Std, T2B, Prem JWW, Exc/Open/Nov JWW

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