Here are the tentative running orders for the fall trials coming up.  They are subject to change, but most likely will stay as is.

WAG 10/7-9:

FRIDAY – Fast, Premier JWW, Exc. Standard, Exc. Jumpers, Premier Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard

SATURDAY – Fast, Exc. JWW, Exc. Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard, T2B

SUNDAY – Fast, Exc. JWW, Exc. Standard, Open JWW, Open Standard, Novice JWW, Novice Standard, T2B

BCKC 10/20-23:

Ring 1

Ex/Masters  FAST

(Premier   Std—Fri- Sat only)

Ex/Masters Std

Open Std

Novice Std

Ring 2

Open  FAST

Novice FAST

Novice JWW

Open JWW

Ex/Masters  JWW

(Premier JWW—Fri and Sat)


Collie Club 10/29-30:

Ring 1

Master/Excellent Fast

Master/Excellent Standard

Open Standard

Novice Standard

Ring 2

Novice Fast

Open Fast

Novice JWW

Open JWW

Master Excellent JWW


K9X 11/4-6:

Friday – Exc/MAS FAST Prem Std, Exc/Mas Std, T2B, Prem JWW, Exc/Mas JWW

Saturday – Nov/open/Exc FAST, Exc/Open/Nov Std, Exc/Open/Nov JWW

Sunday – Prem Std, Exc/Open/Nov Std, T2B, Prem JWW, Exc/Open/Nov JWW