Excellent A and B will be come Excellent and Master:

Beginning January 1, 2013, the class currently known as Excellent B (Standard, JWW, and FAST) will become known as Master (Standard, JWW, FAST). This is being done to help clarify that there are two, distinct classes after Open – that being Excellent, then Master.  Within AKC’s Agility Regulations, this class has always been referenced as “master”, reflected in the MX, MXJ, MXF title designations, etc.  Exhibitors consistently confuse Excellent A and B, treating these two, separate classes like Novice A and B. With this name change to Master we hope to get rid of that confusion which leads to qualifying legs being lost.


Crossover from Regular to Preferred classes:

Dear Trial Secretaries and Judges,


There was an error in the Regulation and the subsequent FAQs that were sent out yesterday regarding the Regular to Preferred Crossover.


Let me clarify:

-The crossover only happens when a dog moves to Preferred at a higher level than they are qualified for in Preferred.

– Once a leg is earned at the higher level the dog may no longer be entered at a lower level.

– Dogs may only be entered at the level they are currently eligible for in Regular classes OR Novice.


Example:  A MACH dog may enter Novice Preferred or Master Preferred classes. If they enter Novice Preferred and earns a couple of legs they have NOT used their one time crossover.  This dog may still be entered at the Master Level in Preferred at any future date.  If the dog is entered at the Master Preferred Level and earns a leg they have then used their one time crossover.  A MACH dog may not enter Excellent A or Open for their crossover class.  They may only enter Master Preferred as their crossover OR they may choose to enter the dog in Novice Preferred.


My sincere apologies for any confusion this has caused.





Carrie DeYoung

Director of Agility

American Kennel Club

(818)886-8212 (CA)