Bell County Kennel Club Announces Agility Trials for the remainder of 2017 & 2018


Thank you to all of our past BCKC Agility Exhibitors!!  BCKC would like to announce our upcoming Trials.  BCKC will no longer hold any Agility Trials with our Conformation show in October. This has been in the works, but was expedited by the current limited grass due to construction.


Therefore the following dates are AGILITY ONLY dates!!

2017:      November 24, 25 & 26


2018:      April  6, 7 & 8

July  13, 14 & 15

July   27, 28 & 29

November 23, 24 & 25


It remains possible that other performance events maybe added at a later date such as obedience & rally—- other performance demos, tests etc.


It is anticipated that our trials will remain 2 ring, 2 judge, dirt and now A/C!!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in Belton!!!!